Default [Q] [CM11 + Nova Launcher] Options for Touch Buttons


I installed the latest nightly of cm11 which is offered in this forum. Before then i used the cm10.1-andromadus-rom. I had always good experience with the Nova Launcher, so i plan to stay with it. On cm10.1 i used to assign "Long-Press Menu Button" -> App Overview. I think I managed that through the Nova Launcher options. Obviously since cm11 (or kitkat? Ė i donít know) there are similar options under "Settings -> device -> buttons". Now there are two problems:
1. Settings for buttons made in Nova Launcher arentít considered, because theyíre "overruled" by cm11 options.
2. In CM11 button settings there is no option for "App overview".

-> So, i canít manage to get this function assigned to "Long-press menu button".

Does anyone have a solution?