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HELP...I TRY TO PUT ..IMPERIUM on samsung s4 I9505 and i think i didnt make something well and after i finish hi dont want to start ...hi stack on samsung s4 at begening...i make backup with nandroid backup but...i try to make restore thru TWRP BUT I CAN FIND THE BACK UP FILE ON SD CARD....I DONT NOW HOE I CAN FIX THIS PROBLEM....I TRY TO PUT ANOTHER ROM..(ORIGINAL ROM 4.4.2 KIT KAT)BUT I CANT MAKE IT ....I WIPE EVERYTHING ...I TRY IN SAME WAY HOW I PUT IMPERIUM BUT dosent work...when the phone is start on the left corner is a error something about kernel....i think is missing i try to find something a way to try to put original kernel but i can make it i see this kernel talexop_Kernel_i9505_NE5_v2.51 but i dont now how i to put on ...i see something about odin but ...PLEASE Can someone PLEASE give me a hand ... honest I did not sleep all night because of this problem that we fail to solve .... I go crazy searching a solution but I would not make it without help your side .... and I promise to stay away from all that is FLASHING ROM ETC ... two days I got this phone and I have not even managed to enjoy it .... WITH ALL MY RESPECT FOR THIS SITE