Default How to Re-Odex SecMms.apk and SecMms.odex for N9005?

i have a question for you guys.

i have a N9005 with stock latest rom which is NE4. i am rooted. i tooked secmms.apk and secmms.odex from /system/priv-app and actually decompiled it using apktool for Android itself. i edited the mmsconfig.smali file for certain mods.

the question now is, how do i actually recompile it back? i have secmms_src and secmms_odex folders. how do i recompile it back to odex format for my odex stock rom?

thanks with regards.

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Device: Note 3 (N9005) SnapDragon
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Kernel: SneakyKat 2.7 Xtreme