Video [Q] MX Player - H/W mode suddenly unsupported

I'm using MX Player for watching videos from a long time. On my phone there are videos downloaded from YouTube, I converted most of them to 800x480 but there are some recent ones that I haven't converted yet from 720p. All these videos were working perfectly without any lag, H/W mode was working flawlessly. One day, when I tried to watch another video, MX Player told me H/W is not supported and since then I cannot use H/W mode on any of my videos (480p and 720p). It's forcing me to use S/W which causes video lag and slowmo, audio stuttering and graphical artifacts. I tried to install a custom codec from Google Play and manually from XDA-Developers thread but it did nothing. Same with H/W+.
How can I fix that?
My English baaaaaad! Sorry!