Default How to restore Download Mode if all you have is Fastboot

This is for the people [myself earlier] who cannot boot into Android (bootloop or worse), have no download mode, no recovery and can only boot into Fastboot. Download the file below, I have included fastboot (for windows) and the appropriate files to flash, all you have to do is run the commands in order below, then boot into download mode.
  1. fastboot erase boot
  2. fastboot erase aboot
  3. fastboot erase recovery
  4. fastboot erase laf
  5. fastboot flash boot 6-boot.img
  6. fastboot flash aboot 4-boot.img
  7. fastboot flash recovery 10-recovery.img
  8. fastboot flash laf 11-laf.img
  9. fastboot reboot

It is best to use the CMD.exe file in the folder provided so you will already be running the commands from that folder without having to change directories. If you're on Linux then make sure you have Fastboot installed then run Terminal from the folder and run the same commands. This will restore the STOCK download mode and recovery partitions not TWRP or CWM.

Download Here