Default [Q] Governors' behavior on deep sleep

Hi, I read many posts about governors but no one has answered my question yet. The phone behavior in deep sleep mode is influenced by governor?
For example, I know smartass has a sleep profile so that while the screen is off the frequency can't ramp beyond a fixed limit, but when my phone is deep sleeping all governors have same frequency or the aggressive ones can drain battery faster?

I'm really interesting cause my ROM generates a long lag (3 secs or more) while receiving calls but it doesn't if I set lionheart+row. My phone has not a big battery and using a performance gov like lionheart is a little risky; my phone is often screen off for long time and if lionheart affect my deep sleep drain i'll set smartassV2 and deal with the lag, otherwise I'll try lionheart.

I know also that i have to try an then evaluate if i'm satisfied... etc. etc. but I'm an engineer and I like to know theorical bases before doing experiments.

Thanks in advance.

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