Default [Q] [URGENT] HELP! Karbonn Titanium S5+ plus CWM CUSTOM RECOVERY WENT WRONG!

Hi. I own a Karbonn Titanium S5 Plus/+.
I was looking to install a stock 4.4 ROM. So I rooted my phone with rootmaster (I do not own a PC).
I download some unofficial CWM for my phone from
when Backing up from custom recovery it says Can't Mount/system.
my biggest mistake is that I did not Backup original recovery.
I even went to cyber cafe and tried this method of flashing stock rom of my phone. But it didnt work at all.

So my problems are :

1.I cannot Factory reset my phone.when i select factory reset from settings, it boots up in recovery.when i select factory reset from recovery it doesnt change a thing.

2.My phone has a update . when i try to update,it again boots up in recovery.I tried updating from but it gives STATUS 7 Error.

3.Again due my stupid mistake of not backing up while changing the boot animation I am stuck with a custom boot animation. Is there a way I can revert it back to original.?

The company's website does not provide stock rom its devices.
Is there any way that I can bring my phone back to full Factory State (Without PC)?