Audio Cyanogenmod DSPManager for Stock M8

Attached to this post is a recovery-flashable .zip I created that will add Cyanogenmod DSP Manager to your stock M8. It works for me and I thought I'd share here and solicit feedback.

I pulled the DSP Manager app and library from the June 11th Cyanogenmod nightly build for the M8. I also pulled the audio_effects.conf file from this patch: . I packaged the three files into a .zip that can be flashed from recovery (I've tested with TWRP). I tested this on my phone running stock 1.55.605.2 firmware.

I suggest backing up via nandroid or other means before flashing this. You're on your own if this breaks your phone, as I only know that this works on my phone and make no promises that it won't brick yours or burn down your house /etc.

I also suggest disabling "Boomsound" by editing the following line in /system/customize/ACC/default.xml to change the value for 'support_boomsound_effect' to 'false':
<item type="boolean" name="support_boomsound_effect">false</item>
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