Tutorial [GAME][2.2+]Pop Smoke : Remastered

Hey Developers. I have been a flash developer for years now, lately I have been experimenting with publishing to android. But I feel so limited in performance and features when compiling from flash. That's why I have started learning Java.

Right now it feels like climbing a mountain, does anyone have any great beginner resources for learning Java Android development, that you really felt worked for you. Would be great if it took into account my Flash ActionScript 3 experience. I will probably become a nuisance the coming time, but hopefully I will be able to help someone else at a later time

The game I have been working on is called Pop Smoke : Remastered and is a Strategy/Tower Defense game . I'm thinking about leaving it as is, fix bugs, and focus on a new project in Java (I've got a good idea ). Feedback is greatly appreciated, I'm not looking to earn any money here so I will post some free codes, if more people are interested just PM me for more.


Thanks for your time