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Welcome To My Thread
Okay,today i want to share many mods i found from xda dveloper,and i want to share with you all

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Okay this is it:
NOTE:Use ctrl+f to search faster what do you want need

S5 Accuweather: (created by dgrules)
I got the best S5 Accuweather From this thread:

Instruction installing for TW user:
First,download the file and then extract it
adter you extract it ,delete framework folder and zip it

S5 Boot animation: (created by Vishnu pv)
i got the good boot animation from S5 and compatible with 320*480
this is the link
download for TW user

Boot Animation can only work on based rom and Corsicanu Deodexed rom

S4 Music Player: (created by amitnv)
i found the good S4 Music Player from XDA developer forum,but i forget the link,i will upload here
Download link:

S5 Statusbar Icon+Transparent:
i found good and work with S6810 device(i test in 1 sim phone)
this is the link:

Viper4Android( audio mod) : (added by toshiro71)
this is awesome audio mod
you can download here:

Pure Performance: (created by Jeeko) (added by toshiro71)
This is Mod for make your phone more performance and not lag
you can find from this thread :

your System UI can be fast then stock
but you got good performance

Pure Graphics: (created by jeeko) (added by toshiro71)
you can get better graphics then stock of your rom
you can find here:

FontFly(this is font mods) : (created by xminirom) (added by midoen)
This is custom fonts
i don't know to descript it without screenshots
Let's go to,for more information

Pure Audio 2.0: (created by jeeko)
Okay,i found a good mods from jeeko again and i see a good review and so,i added in this thread for the best audio we should have
This is the thread:

Nito:if you use any mod about audio,this mod will overwrite or have a malfuction,i don't know whats going okay

Patch your rom to xperia rom: (created by Rizal Lovins) (added by blackwatch92)
Okay,this mod is replace all system cause is format system and replace with app from xperia
This is the thread:

Note:don't forget to backup your nandroid

WizIconizer: (created by sabeersas)
I see in news of xda have iconpack on Touchwhiz home and works correctly in Fame(i tested it)
This is the forum link:

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Xposed Modules
Okay,good news for all,xposed running good on my phone

Guide To install
Okay,all of Xposed changelog,instalation are included here :

Xposed Modules
This thread included many many modules for Xposed :

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How To Use Custom Boot animation(
Today i got a great guide to use from this thread :

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Some Tips for lagging,crasshes mod,anything(i will update in the future)
Tips for lagging corsicanu deodexed rom,and based rom
~use swapper 2 This is the guide link :
~use seeder or any enthrophy app to make back to home screen more fast
~use Lagfix/fstrim
Tips for Mods not compatible with TW(in the thread will said ,not for TW user)
just download the mods flashable zip
extract it,and open folder system,delete folder framework ,cause when the framework is not compatible with device,your phone will have an error,or systemui is unfortunely/stop working or anything

I will add more mod if i found it again in this forum
Thanks you for adding more
all mods in this thread are compatible with samsung galaxy fame is tested on my phone(S6810)or with other member with diffrent model
Thanks for visit my thread
If you feel i help you please Hit Thanks button ,i am verry happy for that