Question [Q] 4.4.2 Issues / Help with downgrading?

I am having responsivity issues with my p605 touch screen.
Issues started after flashing the 4.4.2 P605XXUCNE2. This would indicate a software issue.

I previously had stock 4.3 with root.

What happens is the touch screen stops responding for a millisecond at a time.
The way it behaves is sometimes the touch screen doesn't register a tap or while pinching screen stops responding.
As in I keep pinching and in the middle of the movement the screen stops responding to finger movement.

I tried flashing P605XXUCNE2 again without fixing the issue.

Could it be some settings or developer settings thing?

Any ideas? Has anyone had similar issues? Help appreciated!

I am thinking that could downgrading back to 4.3 fix the problem.
Could someone give advice how to downgrade back to 4.3 if it is even possible?