Phone [Q] Question about using Link2SD with ROEHSOFT RAM Expander

Hi guys
I have Sony Xperia L - Jellybean 4.2.2 - 15.3.A.1.17 - Rooted Stock ROM - Locked Bootloader
I want to use Link2SD and ROEHSOFT RAM Expander, first I made all the steps to make Link2SD run correctly:
- from making a 2nd partition (EXT2)
- and creating mount scripts and so on
then It works perfectly, but I need to use ROEHSOFT RAM Expander also to increase my ram,
so is it preferred to make a 3rd partition to specialize it to make the swap file in it, to help in smooth performance? knowing that I have ( 32 G.B SD Card )
or I just select the 2nd partition ( Link2SD partition ) to make the swap file in it ??