Default [HELP] Softbrick which I can't use RSD (Unknown Device)


First of all, excuse some error typing. My english is better reading than writing!

To go direct to the point, I, by mistake, erased BMM via app. Then I did a reboot and the problem occur.

The thing is: On this phone, I haven't BMM or Safestrap to do the kexec thing to load the ROM. I think with fastboot command and the right file I was able to resolve the problem. BUT, the phone in Windows is recognized as UNKNOWN DEVICE, and even on other pcs with Windows (which I installed the moto drivers to test too, either in x86 or x64) it still is not recognized. In Linux world I'm new (using Sabayon). I installed the fastboot and adb (its working), but I don't know how to install the proper driver for the razr to try in.

Today I found this thread and after reading it and searching, I found this too: I think this case is possible my situation too.

I just want a way to restore this phone. Preferably, if possible, just installing again the BMM in some way, or, at least, take it recognizable in windows to flash in RSD.