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SGT3 10.1 Rom Developing by learning developers

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Default SGT3 10.1 Rom Developing by learning developers

Read First. The information posted in this thread can be extremely dangerous. We are here to get and share information. If you are looking for real development please see Angel666 thread at
" [Development][Source]CyanogenMod 11 for SGT-3 10.1" =>
Please if you can donate to Angel666. He is our only current real NONE Stock Rom development.

Objective: We are a bunch of newbie trying to promote New NONE Stock Rom Development for Galaxy Tab 3 10.1. Witch carries "La maldicion del x86 processor". All available rom development is base on stock samsung rom. Not a single AOSP or Cianogenmod rom has been release. We need expertise guys. But since there is shortage I propose this thread so that Brave or Crazy newbie can share an experience ourself.

xda Forum Rule:
1) We are in Development Area. All post has to be related ONLY to development by the rules of this forum. Be aware.

This thread rules
2) All development information are accepted no mater how dummy you think they may be.

3) ALL Developers Accepted - please help us or get involve.

4) All None developers - yes here you can post and share your development trouble.

5) Please be smart, Go Away while you can. Please consider the position you are in now:

> Part of XDA-developers. You have given you first step away of the common user!!!!!

> Have a Galaxy Tab 3 10.1. You have found your self a magic gadget that carries "Maldicion"

> Android Development Area - Ohhhh boy here is where you started to make your first big error for a common user. Go away.

> You put your best hope of salvation in a guy who think is an angel of hell. Sorry Angel666.

> Now you are following a bunch of inpatient crazy guys that have no idea what to do!!!! To make it difficult most have P5210 - wifi only while Angel666 has P5200 3g!

You been warm if you are a Nice common xda user. Go Away. Do not blame us if you get touch by the "Maldicion".

Back to business:

Bunch of nice links for you to start reading:
Yessss first read.
Then read again.
If you have time left then read more

XDA nice placesssss
Chef Central > Android =>

General discussion > XDA-University
COMPILE From Source For Any Phone On Linux Distros [BUILD ENVIRONMENT TO COMPILE]

Android Development and Hacking > Android Software Development
[GUIDE] The Comprehensive AOKP Building Guide => =>

Other => h__p:// => h__p://
Development => h__p://
Build_Guides => h__p://
How To Port CyanogenMod Android To Your Own Device => h__p:// => h__p://
Unofficial_Ports => h__p://

Google => h__p://

Intel Developer Zone -
h__p:// i_relevance&sort_order=DESC&collapsed_state=null
Intel Opensource Technology center => h__ps:// repositories
kumajaya repositories => h__ps://
Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 8.0 SM-T310 => h__ps://
HazouPH / android_device_motorola_smi => h__ps://
HazouPH / android_device_motorola_smi-plus => h__ps://

Nice P2xx developers



info on Patches

x86 similar devices
oxavelar / android_device_motorola_intel_smi => h__ps://
HazouPH / android_device_motorola_smi => h__ps://
HazouPH / android_device_motorola_smi-plus => h__ps://


I think this is good enough to start this thread
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Lots of good information. I am a crazy one that has been looking to start developing ROMS. Why not end my frustration with my TAB 3. I will begin reading and learning and will help develop a non TW ROM.

Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I337 using xda app-developers app

AT&T I337 Galaxy S4
NB1 Kit Kat Firmware
Work around Rooted (Thanks to all who worked on that method)

Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 GT-P5210
WiFi Only
CAGrom Beta
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I been having some troubles with Heimdall. It wont program my tablet? the error is "ERROR: Protocol initialisation failed!"

Heimdall v1.4.0

Copyright (c) 2010-2013, Benjamin Dobell, Glass Echidna

This software is provided free of charge. Copying and redistribution is

If you appreciate this software and you would like to support future
development please consider donating:

Initialising connection...
Detecting device...
Claiming interface...
Setting up interface...

Initialising protocol...
ERROR: Protocol initialisation failed!

Releasing device interface...

So I started looking for P5210 pit and since I could not found one I decided to try an old trick use in other devices.

I use
dd if=/dev/block/mmcblk0 of=/sdcard/out.pit bs=8 count=481 skip=2176
And after testing the pit it seems correct. Looking inside it shows that its real name is "GT-P5210_EUR_XX_20130523.pit" so I rename it.

It is funny the only previews pit I found was for GT-P5200_EUR_XX_20130523.pit. Similar names.

So I created the other missing file needed for heimdall the "firmware.xml"

I attached the files.

But I still have not find why Heimdall wont communicate with Tablet?

Here is an analisys of the partition table

	P5200		P5200		P5210		P5210		P5010		P5010
Identifier	Partition Name		Flash FileName		Partition Name		Flash FileName		Block Size		Block Count
1	 RESERVED1		 -		 RESERVED1		 -		81920		6144
2	 EFS			 efs.img		 EFS		 efs.img		16384		40960
3	 CONFIG		 -		 CONFIG		 -		196608		32768
4	 FACTORY	 -		 FACTORY		 -		229376		4096
5	 MEDIA		 -		 MEDIA		 -		233472		4096
6	 CACHE		 cache.img		 CACHE		 cache.img		5324800		716800
7	 RESERVED2	 -		 RESERVED2		 -		237568		8192
8	 SYSTEM		 system.img		 SYSTEM		 system.img		286720		4833280
9	 USERDATA	 userdata.img		 USERDATA		 userdata.img		6041600		24715264
10	 BOOT		 boot.img		 BOOT		 boot.img		106496		40960
11	 RECOVERY		 recovery.img		 RECOVERY		 recovery.img		147456		40960
12	RADIO		modem.bin		 RESERVED3				188416		8192
13	 HIDDEN		 hidden.img		 HIDDEN		 hidden.img		5120000		204800
14	 CARRIER		 carrier.img		 CARRIER		 carrier.img		245760		8192
15	 TDATA		 tdata.img		 TDATA		 tdata.img		253952		8192
16	 PARAM		 param.bin		 PARAM		 param.bin		73728		8192
17	 PERSDATA		 persdata.img		 PERSDATA		 persdata.img		262144		24576
18	 BOTA0		 -		 BOTA0		 -		8192		4096
19	 BOTA1		 -		 BOTA1		 -		12288		4096
20	 DNX		 dnx_fwr.bin		 DNX		 dnx_fwr.bin		88064		2048
21	 OTA		 -		 OTA		 -		90112		16384
70	 OSIP		 osip.bin		 OSIP		 osip.bin				1
71	 PIT		GT-P5200_EUR_XX_20130523.pit		 PIT		 GT-P5210_EUR_XX_20130523.pit		34		15
72	 SBOOT		 sboot.bin		 SBOOT		 sboot.bin		49		6095
73	 MD5HDR		 md5.img		 MD5HDR		 md5.img		6144		2048
74	 SBOOT2		 sboot2.bin		 SBOOT2		 sboot2.bin		57344		16384
80	 IAFW		 iafw.bin		 IAFW		 iafw.bin				4096
I know the table looks bad. But take the data to a spread sheet. Note that the Block Size & Block Count shown is for P5210 only. it is different for P5200.
Attached Files
File Type: gz Heimdall package files.tar.gz - [Click for QR Code] (10.0 KB, 16 views)
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Now that we know the partitions, would it be possible to package say ubuntu and flash it to the device using heimdall ? is that possible at all :/
Trying to help
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jijiji you are like us, you want with all your hart Ubuntu in Tab3 10.1. Nice
We on the other hand, want with all our hart AOSP or Cianomodgen.
I bet you having Ubuntu alt least boot up should be feasible but at this moment I may not be your guy.

I am trying to make Heimdall work for Tab3 10.1.

Good news:
I thought I had detected what seems the problem. But My collection of data was done in WIN7 version.
I have setup my CodeBlocks to compile Heimdall so that I can work on it.
I have started to do some mods, recompiling and testing.

Bad news
Ubuntu Heimdall behave very different than in WIN7. Delays are different even the debug messages change.
So the initial thought of a time delay of 1 second is not seen in Ubuntu. Still failed in the same spot.
Heimdall source have no comments!!! But it has many print labels that are easy to spot.
All the nice tools that I have to debug usb are for windows! I need to get some for Ubuntu.

Still It seems feasible.
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I just want to say that I still working. Not as easy as I thought.
In Ubuntu many USB Device Managers query the USB port, disk driver , HID, Modemmanager, Audio & Video Player etc..(many others).

In particular some even "claim" the USB for them-self. This alternate USB managers make difficult the reverse engineering. In other words when I sniff ( monitor) the USB data I am never sure who sent what!!! I can say that I am learning a lot for sure.

Today i decide to use a different strategy. I will create my own communication program so I now for sure what I been sending to the Device. Well I will use an old ATT Captivate for initial testing. The Idea is to create a a good sequence that I can latter test against my P5210. With the intention to know if I can recreate the good sequence that I had record previously with WIn7+Odin.

It is not my intention to create my own Heimdall, but to have a good comparison to point the defect or suggested modification in Heimdall.

Be back when I get something useful.
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Exclamation pit file


sorry to bother you,
my question is, is this pit file specific to heimdall usage or is it a universal file usable in odin?
thank you for your time


afterthought, there i a point in the boot process where a flag android cos path taken
go here post #18
the theory being if this can be modified/sticken/spoofed etc. then any kernel should load and boot through.
[no message]

War Ensemble on Ukelele


i don't know how to do the html stuff

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