Default HTC One charging in recovery but not system

Whatsup guys,

I have an HTC One M7 and it has been on duty since it launched without an issue (except for the pink camera hue). So recently I lost my original charger, and now am using an original charger from the One X I had before this one.

So a few days back, my battery drained so I plugged it in and the battery icon with a thunder sign in it appeared with some red words underneath it stating that I have developer software (duh I use ARHD). All the usual stuff. But the next morning I wake up to the same screen and when I try to turn it on, it won't. All I could do for a while, was to plug it in, have the icon appear and nothing else. Leading me to believe that the plug in the phone was damaged.

So after a couple of days of suffering without my One, I managed to make it turn on by plugging in a Nokia charger for an hour and upon pressing the power button, Voila! it turned on. So first thing I tested was to see if it would charge, and it does NOT. I plugged many chargers I have around the house and even to the computer and none seems to register on the device, the computer doesn't detect a device being connected.

Now here comes the strange part. When I go into recovery or even the bootloader, the phone gets recognized no problem, I can even send commands to it through ADB. I'm suspecting something with the bootloader going on? What do you guys think?