Default [Q] LTE signal?

I was on MOKEE 4.4.2(release) for several months and had a VERY good LTE signal. I decided I wanted a little change so I flashed CM 11. I noticed my LTE signal was very weak. It seemed it was ONLY my LTE signal. Were I would typically have full bars on LTE (5 out of 5) with MOKEE, I would only have 2 to 3 bars out of 4 on LTE with CM 11 sometimes it would go as low as 1. I also verified with speedtest that it DOES impact my speed. After some research I found this is a common issue with certain CM base roms with no solution I could find. My question is for people that have experienced this issue. Which ROMS (prefer kitkat) does not have this issue? I can verify for anyone else curious that I did not have this issue AT ALL with MOKEE 4.4.2(release). I can also verify that I DID HAVE the issue with PROBAM as well. I think if we made a list of all the roms and how the LTE signal was it could be very helpful for people in the future. Thanks!