Default [REQUEST] Device Log

If someone could do me a favor and run (as root, on their HTC One M8):
find /sys | grep uevent | grep mmc > /sdcard/log.txt
find /sys | grep uevent | grep adb >> /sdcard/log.txt
find /sys | grep uevent | grep input >> /sdcard/log.txt
find /sys | grep uevent | grep usb >> /sdcard/log.txt
echo -------------------- >> /sdcard/log.txt
ls -na /dev/block/platform/*/*/by-name >> /sdcard/log.txt
Then, from your computer, run (with the device connected and adb enabled):
adb pull /sdcard/log.txt
and PM me the results. Thanks.

If anyone's curious and hasn't already noticed, I'm going to try to port a highly used feature in which the Nexus devices are officially supported. But I can not do this myself because I do not have an HTC One M8. :/

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