Prompt [Q] Trying to flash Sprint Galaxy S4 Mini on Pageplus

Hi everyone,

I am a noob in this flashing world, but I am willing to devote my time to this. I am looking to get a nice phone to use at Pageplus. I found a good price for Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini (Sprint version) ($145 total for a brand new one) and I am wondering if its even possible. This is a phone without any kind of contract to Sprint but I am guessing it is locked to be used only within Sprint network (correct me if I am wrong).

If you guys think that is possible, I am willing to devote my time (and money ofcourse) to make it work. I am pretty sure I will need help from you guys for silly questions and I hope you will go easy on me and looking forward to learning the process.

I am not exactly a newbie in terms of technology and actually code for a living, so hopefully this should not be a very difficult journey but I'll need all your support in this endeavour.

Thanking you in advance