Default SM-T211 Carrier issue

hello everyone, its been long since i am facing this issues (i have a workaround to tackle this issue but cant do it everytime)

as soon as i rooted tab 3 7.0 (SM T211) it started showing that there is no sim card to turn on the mobile network but calling worked pretty fine
i thought i might try different rom but not luck and on the top of that it now shows my vodafone carrier as hutch :/

can any one help me with this..?

the workaround i found is
i have to set my mobile data connection to only gsm then restart the tab if lucky it will show the vodafone in in the carrier space and then i have to change from just gsm to auto mode (gsm and wdcma)
but the problem with this is, if i restart...i have to do everything again and while in the middle of a call or surfing net on 3g, the connection drops and goes back to hutch :/

please help
Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 (SM-T211) - Stock Touchwiz(4.4.2 Italy FW), debloated, rooted and Currently theming
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