Default Need to disable proximity sensor

Hi guys,
after searching every where didnt find the answer,
found some threads close to what i got but no answer,

ok here is the problem,
i have lg e988,
screen broken near proximity sensor,
i just want to disable proximity sensor,
found app called "hardware disabler" which can do it
but i cant find the proximity sensor in the list,
i use "android sensor box" app and it given me proximity sensor name as "LGE Proximity Sensor"
and its not in " hardware disabler" list
if some one can help me and just give me name of sensor in list of "hardware disabler"

sorry for my english if some one is confused i just need sensor name to disable it.

hope some one answer soon.

thank you.
Device :-LG G2X
ROM :-Bionix Reloaded v1.4.1 FINAL
Kernel :- Stock