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Wired. I want to take the output of my graphics card and put it into the 10" screen. While playing across a range would be sweet, there's only a few devices that Iknow that can do that wirelessly, and that's because they have TEGRA 4 chips but they don't have high enough resolution. Doing a wired connection means that the tablet doesn't die from power drain and has direct reception from the graphics card.

Yes, I do realize. I have eyes. However, your questions don't really help. I'm trying to get the output of a graphics card and use my tablet as the monitor. IT's not a matter of pointless DPI, it's a matter of using a table as a display for high end graphics.

The reason for the 10 inch real estate is to cut down on space as well as the effect of tunnel vision. Having 2560x1600 pixels in a smaller real estate enables me to see everything on screen in one view instead of having to shift my gaze momentairly to glance the corners.
As far as I know, there is no native solution to make the tablet act like a regular display that accepts input, you could try taking it apart and hack something together I suppose. To the best of my knowledge, sitting the recommended distance from 27 inch monitor let's you see all of it in one view easily. Basically unless you really just want to have a tiny tablet monitor for the sake of having it, there really isn't a reason. I could definitely get behind having a cheapo wacom slate tho lol.