Camera [Q] Using an IP cam in Android on a rk3188 device

Ok, I am sure I am not the first to ask this. I have ordered a rk3188 tv-pc and am getting ready for its arrival. I also have an android zte phone and this is what I want to do. I want to use the zte as a webcam for the rk3188 stick. I google and I google and there seems to be no clear answer for this. I see there is a script for using the android app IP Webcam with Ubuntu called ipwebcam-gst but I am no programmer and I dunno anything about v4l2. It seems a simple script/app could be developed for android to allow android to receive stream and make use of it as its camera (so I could skype with it) If one already exists I have not been able to uncover it.

So to be clear I want to serve video and audio from one android device to another android device through IP and I want the receiving android system to think its a local device.

That should be an easy one, huh? why cant I find it already?