Default Instagram issue on 3.4.x kernel on CM11/OmniROM

So after almost month using CM9 and before that CM10.1 by Bleached before 3 days I got back on KitKat ROM's.

And now here is problem which I discovered still in February with CM11 by The Whisp and now on OmniROM.

Problem is that I can run Instagram, BUT - when I try to post image app stops working and nothing helps and only battery pull out works. On any other ROM (like CM10.1 BLeached, CM9 any build, older CM10.x builds) it works great, but on any KitKat ROM it crashes (Ican't get any logcat coz phone totaly breaks).

Any help should be great

EDIT: All problems are gone away now... Instagram account is deleted and now I'm gonna use Pinterest with Pixlrmatic for picture editing. Either way if somebody knows how to fix this or maybe get any kind of logcat to make this app working on KitKat based ROMs with 3.4 kernel
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Main phone: Samsung Galaxy Mini 2 S6500D
ROM: CyanogenMod 11 4.4.4 by TheWhisp

Slave phone: LG Optimus One P500
ROM: CyanogenMod 11 4.4.2 by mukulsoni