Plug [Q] Help Understanding/Loading/Developing Kernel Modules

The Story started when i wanted to install Drivers for USB OTG on my Droid, And now im ended up by a black hole, im completely lost

What i've Researched/Understand:
1.Kernel is a Bridge between Software and Hardware
2.Drivers must be included in Kernel
3.To Load Drivers, We Need to Extends The Functionality of the Kernel using Some *KO Files Through some Command-Line Commands

What i Have:
1.Source Code for my Phone Kernel
2.Driver for the Device that will be connected Over USB OTG
3.A Rooted Phone
4."Tenda W541U" Is the Device will be connected Through USB OTG and it's chipset is "RT2070L"

What I'm not understanding/Asking for:
1.How can i make these *KO Files?
2.Do i need to make them from Scratch?
3.How to Load them?
4.Will this modify My Kernel Permanently?
5.Do i need Unlocked bootloader?
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