Default [Q] M2 Dual (D2302): Does it actually support four 3G bands?

I bought an M2 Dual (D2302) so that I can use it mainly in Europe BUT I want to have 3G reception while traveling in the USA. The phone is supposed to be quad-band in 3G (900/2100 for Eurasia and 850/1900 for the vast AT&T network in the States). It says that it is quad-band 3G on the box, it says so in the official whitepaper, it even says so in the FCC testing report...BUT...when I enter the service menu it indicates that the phone only has 900/2100 in 3G! So, does it support the "missing" 850/1900 UMTS bands or I'll be stuck in GSM-only while in the USA?

Screenshot of the Service Menu: