Default lg d802 using as a usb audio on pc

Hello ,i realized this phone has a 24bit sound chip embedded within which to me is amazing being a musician i was wondering if there is any possible way of enabling this phone which is a lg d802 international to be used as a usb audio device on a pc just like those normal plug n play usb audio devices .the phone has amazing power and capabilities all i wish is to plug in my usb lead on a pc an use the phone as a usb audio device hear and play all thru it like a normal usb audio device ..can it be done with a application or hardware modification? i dont mind either way as the main purpose of me having the phone was for 4g capabilities. but since customising it and messing around with it if someone can help me do this i would very much appreciate it and many others like myself im sure would enjoy such a project or method to do so currently using a creative soundblaster 24bit usb audio which only hits 96hhz this phone can handle up to 192!!!

i hope this new thread willl shed some light on the subject