Question [Q] No soft-keyboard present when custom /dev/uinput device is registered


I developed a custom input (using /dev/uniput) to input remote characters to the device. On Nexus 7, soft-keyboard is not shown if the uinput devices registers that it handles QWERTY keys. If I register just keys 0 - 9, than the soft keyboard is shown and in addition to that, I can "inject' keys 0 - 9. If I register additional keys (QWERTY), the soft keyboard is not shown anymore.

This is a problem since most accented characters can not be input otherwise (like , , , etc) - they can be, if the soft keyboard is present.

Is there perhaps a "registration switch" of some sort to tell android-platform to leave the soft-keyboard appearing when user input is required (i.e. on EditText focus)? I'm using low-level ioctl commands to create and configure /dev/uinput. The same code works without problems on SGSII with CM10, for instance (i.e. the soft keyboard is shown even though the custom input device is registered).

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