Post [GUIDE][ODIN]How to create your own ODIN Files

Hey guys!

For all the owners out there who have the S4 Active running 4.4.2 NC9 with the MF1 modem.bin, don't worry anymore!

If you're rooted, you should be able to do this, and if not, have a computer with Linux or a Terminal emulator for Windows.

Follow this link and it should teach you how to extract files in a tar.md5 format to flash through ODIN. Someone can extract their NC9 modem.bin and upload it for the rest of everyone having problems.

If you're wondering why I didn't do it myself, ask my parents XD

As always, leave any comments below, and you're welcome!

OH and another things, this is really for the owners that don't have the NC9 modem.bin (and NON-HLOS.bin), that's really it. Other than that, you an use it for whatever. Credit does not go to me, I only found it on Google, credit goes to the poster on the forum the link has you following.

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