Default Need help boosting volume no my Z2 when I get notifications/calls

Hi Guys,

I have used Olokos sound boost and the 150% boost from the romaur rom and although the speakers are really loud when listening to music and videos, they are still relatively quiet when somebody actually calls me or sends me a text. If I browse through the ringtones and play them within the settings, they are in fact loud, but not so loud when the phone is actually being called by someone. I tried posting on Olokos thread for help but I am not allowed as I am not a developer. Maybe someone can pass on this message to him? Thank you in advance!

And one more thing, on my older Z Ultra, I used to edit the xml_paths speaker RX7 volume to 94 and sounded great all the time. I am trying to achieve the same, however there is no RX7 in the Z2 xml_paths file as there was on the Ultra. Any help would be highly appreciated. Thank you.