Default [APP] MyAngels - self security app

Hello, I have just relesed a first version of my new app:

this is the app discription:

- Don't be afraid to walk alone any more!
- Choose your Angels - friends and relatives that will be there for you ( let them know )
- Write a message that will be sent in case of trouble
- add the widget somewhere on your screen
- In case of trouble press it 5 times quickly! A REPEATING SMS message will be sent (via your phone) to your Angels including your personal message!, your location! (number, street, city, country) , Google map link!
- If you are safe and all is right as rain, just go to MyAngels app , cancel the repeating message and send "all OK" message via the menu!

get on on google play with the name "MyAngels" by fashizelinnovation

I would to get uor comments on this app!
Thank you!