Smile Rooting LG OPTIMUS LOGIC and further modding

I picked up the LG OPTIMUS LOGIC online from As soon as I got it I got anxious to mod it so I did a study of online resources . I found an article on rooting another closer model the Lg e400. The way I found it was google search root lg optimus logic. I came across lg38c root tool which works right off. Then I downloaded rom manager from Playstore and flashed the LG E400 custom recovery and used the LATTE rom posted on this sight which gave me a LG E400/L3 way better than the optimus logic, which has betterrom choices and makes after the sd merge. I am currently trying out the e400 stock pro v2 which helps with the limited audio with Beats audio manager and gaming is awesome. Any optimus logic owners searching, I just explained the ticket and also the l3 is slated for kitkat update coming soon.