Smile Scripts to change system settings

Hi XDA Peoples,

I am a noob at android scripting and very new to modifying devices, however the company I work for is rolling out a lot of Samsung S3's and soon S4's to upgrade our device fleet ( we have 3500 employees). There are some settings that we change on devices like Owner information, screen timeout, Battery percentage being displayed, just some basic things. When setting up a few hundred devices manually though it can get tedious and a long process.

I am interested to know is it possible to create a script to modify these settings and run it via OTA or copy it to the phone and run it? I am not looking to root the devices as that would void our warranty and these are company devices. I am just looking to see if I can minimize the amount of manual handling I would need to do.

If people have references or knowledge they can share with me I would appreciate it

Thank you in advance I appreciate any help.