Post [Q] Help unlocking network N7100

My note 2 is from Telcel (México) and i'm having trouble unlocking the network,
i've tried the posts on General to no avail, when i dial *#197328640# the menu is different
(after network lock menu it says its missing), so i flashed ROGERS_MODEM_I317MVLALJ2 (Canada)
becuase thas was the OP ( option but i had no signal/unknown baseband,
but if i flashed GT-N7100_XXALJ2 modem i got signal but the same menu optiones were missing.

So i've tried Telcel roms for 4.1.1 and 4.1.2, i've read on forums where they use "boxes" to unlock that they had luck using
a Brazilian rom and then unlocking the phone, so anyone knows what can i do or if i flash brazilian firmware (N7100UBALJ1_N7100ZTOALJ1_ZTO)
to my phone (N7100UBALI9_N7100TCEALI6_TCE) is just like a custom rom or i may find complications?