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What's the latest 'usable' system/app/textinput-tng.apk keyboard for the Xperia S??

I have an Xperia S build 6.2.B.1.96 with DooMLoRD rooted kernel.

I tried to install a port of Xperia Keyboard 6.4.A.1.24, however it just fails with a "Unfortunately, Xperia keyboard has stopped. " error.

My current Xperia Keyboard is version 5.6.A.0.28

If you wanted to try your luck with Xperia Keyboard 6.4.A.1.24 and get it to work, lettuce know.

An updated keyboard would enable access to a host of new Unicode Emoji for SMS/Txt and inline edited documents.

If there is another working Xperia Keyboard with a version close to Xperia Keyboard 6.4.A.1.24, that'd be cool too.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Update - Note to self, I'm getting there. Now have Xperia Keyboard 6.4.A.0.6 which does include the extended Emoji, so really solved/answered my own question.
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