Default Lg G PRO 2 Facebook Group

Hello , i'm @skate4life , proud new user of this phone.. and i created a facebook group for our phone.

The adress is here:

Feel free to join.
As a simple request... use english to talk there ..or is you want to talk in your own language , please provide an english translation for what you said (non-english posts without translation will be deleted).
I wish to say welcome to all new members... and don't forget to fill the document. (those who are coming from xda and the rest) thank you !
By the way... this is a group for all Lg G Pro 2 users ( international , at&t , sprint , etc).

Inside group we will talk about different problems.. solutions , have som fun and why not learn a few things.

By the way .. we need a nicer cover. You can post ideas in our album.
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