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Warning: Currently NOT FOR ROOT USERS!
(may try This:

Nokia (!) provides a new interesting Launcher for us!

Nokia says:

Z Launcher is the fastest way to access everything on your phone. Throughout the day, the app dynamically changes your homescreen to present the right apps, contacts and websites based on how you use your phone. The more you use it the better it gets. Our scribble feature ensures you’re always only one-second away from everything.

The app is currently in a pre-beta testing program for a limited time.

Why the hell do they do it?

"We are creating a more personalized and contextual mobile experience. By working hand-in-hand with you, your devices, apps, features and content, we’re making your phone more useful for real life."

Well, sure.

For those who want to read a Test:



Half-minute-video from Nokia:

How to install: Download the app by visiting on your Android's browser (!) using your google account.