Info 2 emmc or any other flasher for samsung what type of lock screen sec can it remove?

Hi Folks,

hope to find somebody here playing with emmc/sptbox and knows what it can do firsthand. I just got a bit of cold sweat seeing emmc flasher can remove pattern lockscreen without phone wipe, so preserving all settings etc.

So what I need is reality check from sbd: does the same apply to any other lockscreen methods on android? (pin/password etc)
let's assume stock n7100 if it makes any difference. no root of course. usb/adb debug OFF.

Not sure also, will this hack be only possible on phones with usb debugging enabled or it doesn't matter?
(edit2: just read a blog "More complicated techniques could be used if the device is not rooted. We are talking about a physical dump of the memory chip and the use of some special hardware tools like Riff-Box and an JIG-adapter..”. OK, looks like usb debugging OFF vs flasher question answered.)

Another wake up call I might need: how secure is android lockscreen? is it haha security (and why) or will it be enough (no usb debug enabled) to beat most/all flasher kiddies/pros etc? I am fine with phone being wiped or some skilled hacker coming up with exploit. even nsa . I just don't want to wake up and realize that "secure phone" I had can be de-protected and data harvested in random/first "mobile repair" store around the corner.

Thanks in advance for your responses.


edit1: seems for pattern lock actually no HW is needed, just usb debug ON:
still curious about other locks...