Default [GUIDE] root, unlock, kk and flash back to jb

So, you have a Droid Razr Maxx HD or HD, xt926, and want to root, unlock the bootloader, and go back to JB, possibly.
Well this is the guide for you!

first, you need to be on stock KitKat to root and unlock the bootloader,
if you are not flash this in fastboot.
moto drivers if you need them.
to get into fastboot, power off the phone, hold both volume buttons and power until the pre-boot menu comes up then release and choose "fastboot"
alternatively, you can use @SamuriHL's method if that strikes your fancy.

after booted etc, put this app, this app, and SU zip on your storage or sd card.

open the "tr" app and follow the directions to root your phone.
when complete and rebooted,
open the Motopocalypse app and follow the directions to unlock your bootloader.
when complete and rebooted,
we are going to need a custom recovery (just because they are great )
go here or here to get the only recovery compatible with KK (they are also in a sub folder of the flash tool)
to flash these per the op's instructions, you will need adb and fastboot.
if you don't have it installed,
open the directory from my flash tool posted above, hold shift, right click, and choose "open command prompt here". this will use the adb and fasboot in my script to install the recovery, using the commands in @dhacker29's op. just make sure you moved the recoveries out of the sub folder and into the main one, or it will fail.
if you aren't comfortable using the commands to install the new recovery, alternatively, you can put the recovery on your storage and use Flashify to install it.

after flashing your new recovery, (3 button trick from above, and select "recovery")
boot back into recovery, and flash the SU zip from above. this will give you a properly working root (towel is great but has some faults)

now you have a fully functional razr hd or maxx hd with root and an unlocked bootloader on KitKat.

for those of you who just wanted to unlock and want to go back to JB, or just want to go back to JB for any reason after unlocking.
flash this in rsd (many tutorials on how to use RSD can be found on Google)
i already edited the stock file so you dont have to do it

now you want root again?
now that you are unlocked, forget all of those old exploits, (yes, they still work if you choose to use them) from now on, you can just install a custom recovery and flash the SU zip i gave you in recovery.

i hope this helps you, i will be updating it as needed.
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