Sign re: Acheron 4.4.3 v6

I was going to post this in the dedicated thread in the Android Dev section but I don't have enough posts and I can't figure out my alt account. Whatever.

I'm really liking this rom (THANK YOU TEAM ACHERON), but I'm having only one issue that's affecting my day-to-day use. Whenever I navigate to a website in a browser, the page will load to ~90% and stop. It will show that it's still loading, and if I go my homepage or shut the screen off, 1 in 20 times it will finish loading. Here are two pictures of what I mean:

In Chrome

In Dolphin

I have the same result using the built-in browser for 'reddit is fun'

If I leave the screen on it will stay loading forever. If I shut the screen off and come back after 5 minutes, it's usually loaded. I've had no issues like this prior to flashing Acheron.

I didn't see it listed as one of the known issues prior to installing. Any ideas dev team?