Default [THEME][SHARE][4.4+][AOSP style] Zig Zag Theme by Arjun Arora

Hi folks,

After many month now with Xperia theme engine out here, I finally have the pleasure to present you:

Zig Zag Theme By Arjun Arora on Google Play
with AOSP navigation buttons
and orange accent color
There is also no shadow in navigation bars in Sony applications

I'm in contact with the developer and he said there will also be a Pro/second version in near future.

Info: This theme also works with 4.3 non-rooted (only changes wallpapers) but has only full support in 4.4+ Xperia™

I'll only share apk file on request because I think he wants many downloads!!!


with Xperia™ Home

with Google Now launcher

with AOSP launcher

in Settings (bars looks like this in all apps)
My devices:

Xperia Z (stock 4.4.4 - locked BL, non-rooted)
next phone: Apple iPhone 6 (sorry guys )
secondary: Xperia S (CarbonROM Android 4.4.4 - with cross-brand features)
my work:

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