Default [Q] What next?

I've been running Droidzone Supernova for the last year or so, but it has been getting laggier and laggier, and was needing increasing maintence to avoid cascades of fcs. I loved the ROM, but there was clearly something amiss - I suspected the Sd card. Finally I lost patience with it, and...

I repartitioned the SD card with G-Parted
Flashed CM7
Installed S2E
Restored the apps I wanted with Titanium

The phone is running a billion times better, and there's virtually no lag

But having got so far, it's left me wanting more. Is there anything else I can do - either performance improvements, or uttilities that will enhance usability or the feel of the phone? I love CM7, but it does feel rather spartan.
HTC Desire
Amon Ra recovery
Rom: CM7 & S2E