Default [Q] Searched and searched but cannot find!

This may have already been discussed, but I cannot find what I need. I am looking for a flash to remove setuid for the mk2 baseband.

My tether app won't work since the upgrade to the MK2 and I presume it is due to the SETUID in the baseband. The tethering starts up with errors, and never actually fires up. I have tried to look all over the place for a "Tweaked" MK2 baseband so that I can again do my tethering, but so far nadas....

If anyone knows of or has a procedure that I MIGHT be able to use to change the SETUID on my device please follow with a post to this!

Also for any info on how I might just backup my current baseband, in case anything goes wrong.

Aloha and Mahalo! (thank you)

Baseband Version: - M919UVUEMK2

Build# - JDQ39.M919UVUAMDL