Default Use screen unlock options on encrypted devices

Hi developers,

I need some help. If it is possible, please acknowledge ASAP. Thanks in advance.

My phone: LG Optimus E975 international version, ROM is official, rooted.

I have activated email exchange account(corporate), so it automatically set encryption on device and I can unlock the screen only with PIN or Password. It disables screen lock options: Swipe, Face Unlock, Pattern (In description there is written: "Disabled by administrator, encryption policy, or credential storage").

I want to use my phone's Swipe/Face/Patthern screen unlock features as before.

I found an app[SkipLock] in playstore
but it enables Swipe options only when WiFi is enabled and only with predefined networks.

Can anybody advice any other app which has similar functionality, but without dependency of WiFi, just always enable Swipe option.

I've searched on playstore, google, etc. and didn't find what I needed.