Default [Q] Youtube not working on PA4.4RC2

Hi forum,

I have PA 4.4RC2 on my tate and with some youtube videos the app just says "Problem with playing". Some videos are working though and I haven't figured out why. I suspect the format. The logcat output is the following. Anyone any idea why this happens?

Best regads,


D/YouTube ( 1774): VideoStage: NEW
D/YouTube ( 1774): event [version=5.7.38-s2000, action=RETRY, label=null, value=-1]
D/YouTube ( 1774): SequencerStage: VIDEO_LOADING
D/YouTube ( 1774): SequencerStage: VIDEO_PLAYBACK_LOADED
D/YouTube ( 1774): VideoStage: PLAYBACK_LOADED
W/YouTube ( 1774): Invalid Vast Ad proto with no Ads.
D/YouTube ( 1774): VideoStage: READY
D/YouTube ( 1774): SequencerStage: VIDEO_WATCH_LOADED
E/YouTube ( 1774): Missing presenter for bg