Question [Q] Question: CM11 SU Binary update?

Hello xda! I have searched for days and have been unable to find information on how to update the su binary for cm11. I understand that Superuser app (eg. Superuser (CWM and ChainSDD) or SuperSU (Chainfire)) will update the su binary if I use that app specifically. But this is where my dilemma introduces itself. CM11 has superuser built in. I've tried using a third party app (SuperSU) and updating the binary (which was successful). I prefer the UI of the built in Superuser. So I uninstalled it. But another problem arose; every app was given permission to the SU binary without a pop-up or notification. If it is possible, how do I update the su binary or send me to where I can find more information. Thank You very much in advance.