Default [Q] Strange SOD error across multiple roms

I've been having an issue where my phone will get the sleep of death (SOD), generally from trying to turn the screen on too quickly after turning it off, or if the device gets too hot in general. Occasionally the SOD is accompanied with some data loss, my wallpaper will reset to stock, and old sms messages will be will pop up in notifications as if they are new (and it is a stock messaging notification, not my default messaging app). This has happened on both CM based custom roms and stock roms. It generally become more common the longer I stay on the rom setup, so I haven't been able to pin it to one modification (although I have many). Now on C-rom there has been another problem, when I reboot the LG screen comes on normally but slowly loses contrast and greys out, which kind of worries me given some of the screen issues I've heard about.

Has anybody had issues like this? Any tips would be appreciated