Info 2 YouTube Clashes With Labels Over Licensing Deals

If this isn't the right place to post i don't know where is everything else is phone oriented.

Anyways on the dirt. YouTube is starting up a service similar to spotify and itunes. They wanna make more bank and make sure the people using the site for their own financial gain pay up as well thus making more bank.

Heres a link to Wall Street Journal explaining in detail.
This could affect the independent musicians in a big since it's tough enough to pay for gigs, merch and other things. Basically paying for your own hard edited and created content will thus provide another block that was once overcome for the little guy who literally had nothing in his pocket to pay for this kinda exposure.

I understand a need for a big corp to do this but YouTube is established as the authority for video creation and sharing i guess i don't really see why they had the need to copy other products.