Default can't copy meta-inf

i want to port a samsung based rom from galaxy y to my device (galaxy ace) using this tool

both devices have different resolutions, screen densities, chipsets. but same gingerbread from samsung

and i got this error log


Version Selected as 64 bit.
Rom Selected as man
Extracting Started
Base Extracting Started
Extracting Base Completed
Port Extracting Started
Extracting Port Completed
Extraction Completed Successfully

Delete Started
Delete Completed Successfully

Copying from Base No Replace Started
Copying Bin Files Started
Copying Bin Files Completed
Copying Etc Files Started
Copying Etc Files Completed
Copying Framework Files Started
Copying Framework Files Completed
Copying Lib Files Started
Copying Lib Files Completed
Copying xbin Files Started
Copying xbin Files Completed
Copying from Base No Replace Completed Successfully

Copying META-INF Started
Copying Errored Out at Copying META-INF