Sign [Q] Weird download issues arise (not carrier/wifi related)

Heres an uncommon problem, little by little I've noticed my LS980's browser based download capabilities deteriorating. What do I mean? Well back when I first had it, it would download anything from the web, and clicking on it would take you to the little download app ALL Androids have. Lately, I've been forced to download using ES File Explorer's built-in downloader. A download page will load up but not begin to download. Now its not my internet connection as i reach a stable 1 megabyte to 2 per second on most downloads, and its not the websites either as many of these websites ive downloaded from since i first got my G2. The OTHER wierd thing is that when a download does fail, clicking it from the notification bar slide down wont take me to the download app. I have no mods installed on my ORIGINAL stock 4.4.2 ZVC rom except root and custom recovery (TWRP as i like to test roms until i find one i like. Could it be something in restoring the nandroid backup when returning from a rom to stock? I always wipe everything needed before flashing and when restoring.

Ironically, i also own a white (pure stock) D802 on 4.4.2 (which caught the dreaded dead spot on the screen) and that one likes to DOUBLE downloads, one will be a dead copy worth no KB's while the other will be the actual.

Maybe software related? Factory reset? Flash back to stock via computer? My G2's just hate me?

I want some suggestions, or feedback from others with similar issues so I know its not just me.
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