Default [Q] Cracked screen, touch broken. Related?

My Xperia Z1 Compact just suffered the same fate as my Xperia Z1 a few weeks back (I probably shouldn't be buying smartphones hehe), that is, I dropped it from a relatively low height (though in the case of the Z1 I, and several others, may have slightly danced on it as well) and put a crack in the screen. After this drop the touch layer isn't working as it should, it only registers touches on the left side of the phone, and it only does that sometimes. Looking at other phones I've cracked the screens of in the past, these two are the only ones where I've had this problem with the touchscreen post-incident, the others, no matter how much I'd disintegrate the screens, touch would always still work. As this is the second Sony phone I've had recently that behaves like this after cracking the screen I'm beginning to think that Sony designs their phones in a way that makes this outcome more likely.

So my question is this: have people around here noticed similar behaviour in their Sony phones when the screen was cracked?
sony xperia z1 compact d5503 lime green

previous phones
sony xperia z1 c6903 metallic purple - screen cracked, broken digitizer
sony xperia z c6603 royal purple - faulty backplate, returned
samsung galaxy s3 lte (gt-i9305n) marble white - sold... no more samsungs for me
htc one x glacier white - dead :'(
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